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International Academic Publications

GD (PreventiNe) one-step-metabolomics algorithms for accurate, fast, cost effective diagnosis (ELSEVIER)

Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry-based urine metabolome study in children for inborn errors of metabolism: An Indian experience

Evidence based study on how GD (PreventiNe) one-step-metablomics saves more lives missed by other technologies/ approach to diagnostics (INETERNATION JOURNAL OF BIOCMEDICAL AND ADVANCE RESEARCH

Co-study with AIIMS, New Delhi using PreventiNe’s unique solution of conducting tests on cord-blood spots instead of venous blood

GC/MS as a One-Step Metabolomics Analysis for Symptomatic Screening of Inherited Metabolic Disorders: A Regional Experience in Northern Spain


Screening of Hemoglobinopathies in 32000 dried blood spot samples by cation exchange high performance liquid chromatography - An Indian study

Coverage on Spanish Television

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